Phase 1-3; Passenger Vehicle Workshop


4 Days (32 hours)


The Phase 1-3 course is Desert Snow's most advanced passenger vehicle criminal interdiction workshop.  With 2 days spent in the classroom learning how to detect criminal activity and 2 days dedicated to a hands-on vehicle search workshop, this 4-day class gives its attendees an experience like no other. 

To enhance the learning experience, the hands-on vehicle search workshop has a student/instructor ratio of 8/1 or less.  This course also exposes its attendees to numerous learning displays and props that won’t be found at any other training in North America.

It takes the Desert Snow staff an entire day to setup the venue for the first day of class and another day full day to prepare the multiple vehicles for the hands-on workshop.  Due to the extensive amount of resources needed to put on this training (compartment vehicles, displays, coordination of numerous instructors), this course requires a bigger budget than most of our other courses.  With that said, the level of training provided, and knowledge gained at Desert Snow’s Phase 1-3 is priceless.

This course must be fully funded by its hosting agency, with a minimum of 40 students.  This class can accommodate up to 96 students.  Desert Snow does not allow agencies to host this class with the hopes that it will self fill with individual registrants.