Company History

Desert Snow was the first criminal interdiction training company formed in North America. It was developed in 1989 by Joe David, a now retired California Highway Patrol Officer. Throughout his career, Joe was involved in over 600 criminal cases involving drugs and other types of illegal contraband. Joe has been the recipient of over 100 awards to include the California Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Joe developed the Desert Snow Training Program to help other law enforcement officials become successful in identifying criminal activity through their everyday encounters with the public.

Company Experience

Desert Snow utilizes more than 50 criminal interdiction specialists from throughout the United States to put on its courses. The combined experience from our staff is unmatched by any other training company in North America.

Student Successes

Desert Snow is continually contacted by former course attendees regarding criminal interdiction successes they attribute back to the training they received. Thousands of officers have used their Desert Snow Training to make their communities a safer place to live.

All Crimes Approach

Desert Snow teaches officers the skills needed to detect numerous types of criminal activity. We do not focus on any one type of contraband or crime!

Professional Standards

Desert Snow prides itself in teaching court approved methods that have been proven to be professional, legal and effective. Desert Snow focuses heavily on the importance of community policing and treating people with respect.

Hands-on Training

Desert Snow was the first training company in North America to put its attendees into small groups and allow them to conduct actual vehicle searches. This hands-on training method offers students a one of a kind experience and has proven itself to be the most effective form of vehicle search training. Check out our Upcoming Conferences & Registration link to find our available hands-on training courses.

We Train More Officers Than Any Other Criminal Interdiction Company

Each year, Desert Snow puts on its courses in 30+ states and trains thousands of officers. To date, Desert Snow has trained over 60,000 law enforcement officers through its classes. These attendance numbers speak volumes about the quality of our training.

A+ Rated

Desert Snow averages an A+ rating from our course attendees. We strive to make each course an experience, and not just another class. Be sure to check out our Training Testimonials link.