National Interdiction Conference (5 Day Event)


5 Days (36 hours)


The National Interdiction Conference [NIC] is an annual event held in a different state each year.  For more information about this amazing training opportunity, please visit: www.nationalinterdictionconference.com 

The NIC is coordinated and energized by Desert Snow and NCEA.

This conference event could not happen without the direct support of numerous state and federal programs which include the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program [DIAP], El Paso Intelligence Center [EPIC], Domestic Highway Enforcement [DHE] program, Air and Marine Operations Center [AMOC], Homeland Security Investigation’s [HSI] National Bulk Cash Smuggling Center, and many others.

Thanks to the efforts of these many different organizations, this training and networking conference is the largest of its kind.

We hope to see you there!