3-Day Advanced Concealment Workshop
Lincoln, Nebraska
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3-Day Advanced Concealment Workshop
March 26, 2024 to March 28, 2024 (3 days)
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Seward County Sheriff's Office


2737 Van Dorn Rd.
Milford, NE 68405

Years in the making, This is Desert Snow's NEWEST 3-DAY HANDS-ON WORKSHOP. 3 full days of hands-on search rotations. NO POWERPOINT!! Perfect for federal agents (DEA, HSI, FBI, ATF), canine handlers, street cops, highway cops, and anyone else who might perform, or assist in, a vehicle search.

This course does not teach officers how to identify criminal activity during traffic stops. Desert Snow has other courses for this. This course is ALL ABOUT VEHICLE SEARCHES and will expose attendees to 25+ actual compartment vehicles (cars, vans, SUV’s & pickups) which were utilized by actual contraband smugglers in every region of the United States.

There is no other course like this ANYWHERE!! Attendees will never have an opportunity to learn more about searching vehicles, locating/accessing electronic traps, identifying commonly used natural voids, understanding how compartments are constructed/disguised/accessed, and SO MUCH MORE.

And best of all, our host venue allows officers to conduct this training indoors! It would take 3-4 car haulers to bring this training to other locations and so, for now, this class won’t be offered at any other locations. Due to our already maxed out training calendar, this course will only take place 1 or 2 times each year, and each training event will be capped off at 64 students. So, get in while you can!
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Registrations made within 2-weeks of the course’s start date (March 12, 2024), will incur an additional $50 late registration fee. Unless noted otherwise, all courses begin at 0800 and end at 1700. Doors generally open at 0730. Prior to being allowed into the classroom, your law enforcement identification will be checked for security and safety reasons. If you are attending a hands-on workshop course, wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind getting dirty or stained and bring a good flashlight… or two. No other tools or equipment will be allowed into the classroom or workshop areas.