About Desert Snow & Black Asphalt

Things You Should Know

Desert Snow Training was conceived and originated from scratch by Joe David in 1989. During his career with the California Highway Patrol, he was involved in over 600 major smuggling arrests and was the recipient of over 100 awards presented by numerous agencies and law enforcement entities. Joe was an associate instructor for the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program as well as the El Paso Intelligence Center. He received a 20 year retirement and continues to provide unmatched training in the area of criminal interdiction.

Our goal here at Desert Snow Training is to give you professional, legal, roadside interdiction tactics to help you identify terrorists and major smugglers while conducting everyday patrol responsibilities. The sales of illegal drugs have been linked to numerous threatening organizations throughout the world. Therefore, Desert Snow Training offers no other type of training as we feel the terrorist and drug problem in America is so prolific and such a threat to the American public that is warrants our complete attention!

Family Owned and Operated

The entire Desert Snow Training family has worked very hard to bring you the finest quality of training possible. We are very proud of the Desert Snow reputation and the officers who have attended.

The First to be Invited to Washington D.C.

In November of 2003, at the request of United States Senator Grassley, Iowa, Desert Snow provided training at the nation's Capitol in Washington D.C. to members of the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate, in order to address the current terrorist and domestic drug threats, the important role Road Officers can play in the identification and apprehension of major criminals while in transit...and the need for funding, to allow officers to attend continual training to stay up to date with concealment trends and professional detection methods.

Established the Black Asphalt Electronic Networking System

In order to directly and immediately allow communication between Road Officers and Narcotics Officers throughout the nation. This link allows Road Officers to pass roadside investigative information to active investigators in source and destination areas, hopefully helping them conduct immediate follow up investigations to identify and apprehend additional criminals.

Established the Royal Knight Program

In order to promote, and acknowledge, sustained professional highway criminal interdiction tactics. Royal Knight status is the ultimate recognition of sustained, professional highway criminal interdiction police work.

This is the Original, Not a Copied Class!

It should be noted, and we are very proud of it! Desert Snow Training is the real thing and its' originator -- Joe David, is recognized throughout the United States and Canada as one of the few real interdiction experts!

Homeland Security Approved the Phase 4 Training!

Phase 4 training provided by Desert Snow Training has been approved by Homeland Security for advanced commercial vehicle terrorist and criminal interdiction training. Approving training for military, law enforcement and other inspectors to intercept weapons of mass destruction devices and their components hidden within commercial tractor-trailers.

The Most Copied Drug Interdiction Class!

Since its inception, Desert Snow Training has been copied by many Police organizations. Many officers have attended our training for the purpose of copying it. Since we felt that the whole object of interdiction was to stop and identify these major criminals, we have made every effort to assist other agencies and police departments. Therefore, while other instructors may have duplicated some of the material you find in Desert Snow... They are unable to duplicate our experience and expertise!

High Quality "No Nonsense" Instruction in the Pursuit of America's Worst Criminals

In an effort to stay ahead of these major criminals, Desert Snow Training is constantly alert to new and changing tactics, and information. We are happy to review any ideas from any source. But we are interested in road level information and professional tactics. Once we analyze and test any new ideas, we are happy to share the information with officers, and to give credit to those responsible for the ideas.

Developed, Tested and Initiated the Roadside "Echo Test"

The "ECHO TEST" was developed to allow officers a quick professional, non-intrusive method in which to identify drugs being transported inside tires. Desert Snow Training has given permission to the Federal Highway Administrations, Drug Interdiction Assistance Program, The Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Customs, Canada Customs, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other agencies to print this test in their training manuals.

The First Highway Criminal Interdiction Class that Allows Officers to Actually Search Passenger Vehicles

No other source offers the extensive training that Desert Snow Training does! No other source brings to the table the experience and complete training program that Desert Snow Training does!

Provides Officers with the Largest, Most Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Criminal Interdiction Class in the World!

This is our Phase 4 class. Over 36,000 pounds of simulated Weapons of Mass Destruction, military ordnance, Improvised Explosive Devices, explosives and other contraband, all packaged and concealed in various methods. Numerous tractors and trailers with actual compartments and searching conducted by the students.

Desert Snow Training Does Not Teach Racial Profiling!

We never have and we never will! We teach officers to conduct legal traffic stops and how to identify major criminal activity by taking into account the totality of the circumstances on each and every traffic stop.

Endorsed by Numerous Federal, State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and other Affiliated Law Enforcement Organizations

We are endorsed by literally hundreds of agencies and thousands of officers! Numerous agencies have sponsored the Desert Snow training in their areas. We thank them and are proud to be associated with them.

Displays the Largest

Fully functional simulated Methamphetamine lab in the world!

Trained Over 50,000 Officers from Around the World...many for free

Training has been conducted in Canada, Norway, South Africa, South America, and the United States with other offers to teach all over the world!